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      Hi!  My name is Joe!

      I am a dad, a photographer, and a photography educator living my best life with a camera in hand!  I learned early on that capturing my family was one of the most important things I could do and feel so blessed that my approach to photographing my own family has brought so many great people into my life!

      Thank you so much for being here!  I hope that you’ll take some time to look around at the work I have poured my life into for more than a decade.  I have experienced and learned a lot along the way and am thankful that I can share that through my educational posts and sessions that are shared here.

      Welcome to The Thompson Adventure!

      The Magic Button by The Archetype Process Review

      As a film photographer, one of the things I often struggled with was getting film scans back from the lab that looked similar to so many photographers I admired.  Obviously some of them were getting a...

      C1ick Match / The Archetype Process Film Profile Update

      Several months ago I did a review with quite a few examples of the C1ick Match, now called The Archetype Process, Kodak and Fuji film profiles.  You can read that review HERE.  I was amazed by the qua...

      KC-135 Incentive Flight

      I made a lot of jokes when I got my military dependent ID card about how the only thing I ever wanted out of this whole military adventure was BX and Commissary privileges.  I even wrote to Patience w...

      Walking Bellingham, Washington

      Time sure does feel like it keeps going faster and faster.  Almost 10 years ago Patience and I were doing this walk almost daily with the hope that exercise would induce labor and we would get to meet...
      Manual focus on mirrorless cameras

      My Sony A7III Experience

      The Sony A7III has been covered by so many other people that it almost feels like a waste of time doing this.  Thankfully, I feel like I’ve had a bit of a different experience shooting with it than mo...
      bellingham family photographer western washington university

      Vinny and Caylie // Bellingham, Washington

      This session with Vinny and Caylie was our last photo session before we left Washington state to move to Wichita.  I can't imagine a better way to go out than with an all film session shot on a Rollei...
      Wichita Family Photographer The Thompson Adventure

      Jonathon and Alina // Wichita, Kansas

      In the not very distant future I'm going to be writing a bit about my experience staying at home with Abbee and Noah while Patience was going through Air Force Basic Military Training.  It was a prett...
      C1ick Match Kodak Pro Fuji Pro The Thompson Adventure

      C1ick Match / The Archetype Process Film Profiles // Kodak Pro and Fujifilm Pro

      It is so ridiculously exciting to be posting this.  C1ick Match, and what is now known as The Archetype Process, is live and the profiles we have been using are now available to the public!  We have b...
      Springfield, Missouri Family Photographer The Thompson Adventure

      The Pollock Family // Springfield, Missouri

      It seems like forever ago when we first met Evan and Lindsey.  They had just moved to Washington from Missouri and while it was a homecoming for Lindsey, it was a new adventure for Evan and a new adve...

      The Thompson Adventure Kansas Photographer