Author: Joe Thompson

    bellingham family photographer western washington university

    Vinny and Caylie // Bellingham, Washington

    This session with Vinny and Caylie was our last photo session before we left Washington state to move to Wichita.  I can't imagine a better way to go out than with an all film session shot on a Rollei...
    Wichita Family Photographer The Thompson Adventure

    Jonathon and Alina // Wichita, Kansas

    In the not very distant future I'm going to be writing a bit about my experience staying at home with Abbee and Noah while Patience was going through Air Force Basic Military Training.  It was a prett...
    C1ick Match Kodak Pro Fuji Pro The Thompson Adventure

    C1ick Match / The Archetype Process Film Profiles // Kodak Pro and Fujifilm Pro

    It is so ridiculously exciting to be posting this.  C1ick Match, and what is now known as The Archetype Process, is live and the profiles we have been using are now available to the public!  We have b...
    Springfield, Missouri Family Photographer The Thompson Adventure

    The Pollock Family // Springfield, Missouri

    It seems like forever ago when we first met Evan and Lindsey.  They had just moved to Washington from Missouri and while it was a homecoming for Lindsey, it was a new adventure for Evan and a new adve...
    Scottsdale Family Photography by The Thompson Adventure

    The Alley Family // Scottsdale, Arizona

    Photography is one of the things in my life that has brought me out of my shell.  In 2013 I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to attend one of the photo industries most popular workshops...