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    Walking Bellingham, Washington

    Time sure does feel like it keeps going faster and faster.  Almost 10 years ago Patience and I were doing this walk almost daily with the hope that exercise would induce labor and we would get to meet...
    The Thompson Adventure Road Trip to the Hoover Dam.

    The Hoover Dam // 2015

    Using a computer to design something as amazing as the Hoover Dam would be impressive but the fact that it was designed on paper blows my mind every single time I get to go there. Years before we h...
    The Thompson Adventure Road Trip to Sedona Arizona.

    Sedona, Arizona // 2015

    Sedona holds a pretty special place in our hearts.  It was the first place that Patience and I travelled to when we were dating, even though it was only about 2 hours away from Phoenix.  Sedona is als...
    Joe and Patience in Wildling Magazine

    Published // Wildling Magazine

    Last fall we were able to go on the most awesome trip I've ever been on.  We travelled from the most northern point in Washington State through Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona and finally into Mex...
    Bellingham Wedding Photographer Joe and Patience

    Welcome Back, Winter!

    We sure can't believe how fast summer went this year.  So much has changed yet here we are again barely over a month until Christmas. It was an amazing wedding season and we're more excited than ever ...