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        A few nights ago before we went off to bed we got trapped.  We got sucked into something that we needed to be sucked into.  Don’t you just love those moments when you should be doing something else but what you end up doing is much more valuable than the alternative?

        About a month ago we decided that it was time to go back to our iPhones.  I know, I know, we had a blog post specifically about how we were able to save money by switching to dumb phones.  It was all fine and dandy except for the fact that we had a few things happen that having our iPhones would have completely solved.  Anyway, before we activated our iPhones we made sure to back all of the photos we had taken with them up to Dropbox and last night we finally found the time to look through all of them.  There was stuff in there from when Abbee was about 3 and Noah was only 1.  They’re 7 and almost 5 right now.  These are photos that we haven’t looked at in a long time!

        The amazing thing about seeing these photos is that we realized that we have all of these times that are amazing and not only are they photographed with our iPhones but a lot of these moments were also photographed on film too!  Having a phone to photograph everything is great but it just doesn’t compare to what using a “real” camera with good lenses can do.

        So, here’s my challenge to you as photographers.  Photograph your life and photograph it in a way that means something to you.  I love shooting film.  I love shooting film so much that I shoot almost all of my personal work with it.  I take a film camera with me almost everywhere we go with the purpose of documenting our family as it is in that very moment.  Sometimes I go through a whole roll and sometimes I don’t.  The honest truth of it is that you don’t need to shoot countless photos of your kids running around.  Sometimes it only takes one image to remind you of every detail surrounding the moments that you photograph.  This image is a perfect example of that.

        Mentoring Business Advice Joe and Patience Snow at Mount Baker

        This photo reminds me of the drive up to the mountain to find a sledding spot, it reminds me of Abbee laughing hysterically, it reminds me of Noah overcoming his fear of being on the sled by himself and it reminds me of how much I was sweating pulling Abbee and Noah through the snow.  I feel that it perfectly represents just how fast and blurry our life felt as we tried to balance family, full time jobs and our growing business at that specific time in our life.  It’s also  a perfect example of what we talk about in our “About us” video when we say that it only takes one image to relive a lifetime.  Is it a perfect image from a technical stand point?  Absolutely not but that isn’t what matters.  What really matters is that it brings us back to that exact moment and reminds us what our life felt like.  Isn’t that the whole point of photography?

        Next week I’m going to be posting about using personal work to grow as a photographer and how my “One Roll” project not only changed how I photograph my family but also forced me to put the camera down and be present in those moments.

        Thanks for reading!

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