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        I made a lot of jokes when I got my military dependent ID card about how the only thing I ever wanted out of this whole military adventure was BX and Commissary privileges.  I even wrote to Patience while she was in basic training and told her that her military service was already a success because I could buy stuff on base and wouldn’t have to pay taxes.  Some of these silly things were clearly just a joke but hidden behind the typical “benefits” there are some pretty awesome perks.

        A few months ago I got a phone call in the middle of the day from Patience while she was working asking if I would want to fly on a KC-135.

        HECK YEAH!!!  Of course I wanted to fly on a KC-135!  I hadn’t been on one since before I had met Patience and was stationed in Turkey.  I don’t even know why she thought it made sense to ask.  She could have told me to be there in 20 minutes and I would have been there!


        One thing that people should know about flying in an aircraft like this is that it isn’t exactly comfortable.  You don’t have a reading light or the option to have air blowing on you or even a nice cushioned seat.  It’s pretty sparse.  The seats fold up along the side of the aircraft and their made of a red nylon mesh.  Not even your coach class thin cushion.

        It may not have been the most comfortable flight but it was still a lot of fun.  It’s a pretty incredible thing to be attached to another aircraft at around 30,000 feet!

        I hope you enjoy the photos from my flight!  #militaryhusband

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