TO MENU

        Things have been pretty crazy in our life lately and if you follow Patience’s Instagram you’ve probably seen some of her videos about it.  The short version is that I had to have a brain surgery and we’ve spent most of 2020 dealing with appointments and preparing for the the potential of going in for this surgery.

        Thankfully, in the midst of all of this medical stuff and everything else 2020 has thrown at everyone there have been some awesome parts too.  One of those was Patience’s promotion to Senior Airman.  A few weeks ago Patience was able to have the kids pin on her next rank in a small ceremony with her finance squadron.  Abbee and Noah got to remove her old rank and tack on her new rank of Senior Airmen in a small and very socially distanced ceremony at McConnell Air Force Base.

        All photos taken with a Fujifilm X100V (Review Coming Soon) and edited with The Archetype Process Kodak Portra 400UC.