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        The Thompson Adventure Kansas Photographer

        C1ick Match Film Profile Update

        Several months ago I did a review with quite a few examples of the C1ick Match Kodak and Fuji film profiles.  You can read that review HERE.  I was amazed by the quality of product that was released b...
        Manual focus on mirrorless cameras

        My Sony A7III Experience

        The Sony A7III has been covered by so many other people that it almost feels like a waste of time doing this.  Thankfully, I feel like I’ve had a bit of a different experience shooting with it than mo...
        C1ick Match Kodak Pro Fuji Pro The Thompson Adventure

        C1ick Match / The Archetype Process Film Profiles // Kodak Pro and Fujifilm Pro

        It is so ridiculously exciting to be posting this.  C1ick Match, and what is now known as The Archetype Process, is live and the profiles we have been using are now available to the public!  We have b...
        The Thompson Adventure Air Force and military lifestyle

        The First Year // Business as Husband and Wife Part II

        We previously talked in detail about taking some time to really sort out what each half of a married couple is going to do to help move the business forward.  This is a really important step because i...
        Fisherman's Wharf Monterey California

        The First Year // The Journey

        This week was supposed to be a continuation of what we started last week about working as a husband and wife and we are really sorry to keep you waiting if you were hoping to see how we break down the...
        Small business advice and photography mentoring from Bellingham photographer Joe and Patience

        The First Year // Business as Husband and Wife Part I

        We hear it all the time…  “It must be so amazing to be able to work together!”  That or we hear, “I have no idea how you do it, I could never work with my husband/wife.  They would drive me crazy”.  I...

        The Thompson Adventure Kansas Photographer