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        The Thompson Adventure Kansas Photographer

        Photography and Business Advice from Bellingham Wedding and Family Photographer Joe and Patience

        The First Year // One Roll Project

        I’m sure a lot of you know what it feels like to plateau with your work.  I know that I go through the same thing and it’s incredibly frustrating because as a creative I always want to be getting bett...
        Mentoring Business Advice Joe and Patience Snow at Mount Baker

        The First Year // Personal Work

        A few nights ago before we went off to bed we got trapped.  We got sucked into something that we needed to be sucked into.  Don’t you just love those moments when you should be doing something else bu...
        Downtown Bellingham

        The First Year // Outsourcing

        Life is busy no matter who we talk to.  In creative fields there are countless people working their normal 9-5 jobs while they try to build their businesses and it’s hard to find any time for themselv...
        Bellingham Wedding Photography by Joe and Patience

        The First Year // Taking Risks

        This week we are talking about taking risks and it couldn’t be coming at a better time since we just signed a lease for a studio a few weeks ago.  I’ll just let you all know up front that this is also...
        Business and Photography Advice from Bellingham Photographer Joe and Patience

        The First Year // Learning from Setbacks

        We all have moments in our business journey that are extremely discouraging.  Things happen that make us question our direction and make us wonder if the grass might be greener somewhere else. Pati...
        Small Business Advice and Photography Mentoring by Bellingham Wedding Photographer Joe and Patience

        The First Year // Marketing Part II

        After taking a little bit of a detour last week to talk about some of the things that pushed us into going full time we’re getting back into marketing.  This week we’re writing about our social media ...

        The Thompson Adventure Kansas Photographer