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        Joe and Patience in Wildling Magazine

        Published // Wildling Magazine

        Last fall we were able to go on the most awesome trip I've ever been on.  We travelled from the most northern point in Washington State through Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona and finally into Mex...
        Small Business Advice and Photography Mentoring by Bellingham Wedding Photographer Joe and Patience

        The First Year // Marketing Part II

        After taking a little bit of a detour last week to talk about some of the things that pushed us into going full time we’re getting back into marketing.  This week we’re writing about our social media ...
        Bellingham Wedding Photographer Joe and Patience

        Welcome Back, Winter!

        We sure can't believe how fast summer went this year.  So much has changed yet here we are again barely over a month until Christmas. It was an amazing wedding season and we're more excited than ever ...
        Senior Photography by Bellingham Senior Photographer Joe and Patience

        Outsourcing and Getting Our Life Back

        I want to take a moment to talk about outsourcing, the affect it is having on our personal life, how it has affected the product we deliver and the process of creating something completely unique in a...