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    Walking Bellingham, Washington

    Time sure does feel like it keeps going faster and faster.  Almost 10 years ago Patience and I were doing this walk almost daily with the hope that exercise would induce labor and we would get to meet...
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    Vinny and Caylie // Bellingham, Washington

    This session with Vinny and Caylie was our last photo session before we left Washington state to move to Wichita.  I can't imagine a better way to go out than with an all film session shot on a Rollei...
    Bellingham Wedding Photography by Joe and Patience

    The First Year // Taking Risks

    This week we are talking about taking risks and it couldn’t be coming at a better time since we just signed a lease for a studio a few weeks ago.  I’ll just let you all know up front that this is also...
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    The First Year // Learning from Setbacks

    We all have moments in our business journey that are extremely discouraging.  Things happen that make us question our direction and make us wonder if the grass might be greener somewhere else. Pati...
    Snohomish Photographer Joe and Patience

    Photographer Session // Michelle Newell

    Last year I started a project that was really intimidating.  I decided to ask other photographers who I greatly admire to move from behind their camera to in front of my camera for an hour or two.  My...