TO MENU

        I feel like I could write a novel about everything that happened this year but I’ll spare everyone and just give a quick version in bullet point format along with a single photo from each month.  After all, that is the military way.


        The slowest month of my entire life!

        Patience graduated from Air Force Basic Training.

        We spent one of the most amazing weekends together as a family after 2 very long months apart with very few phone calls.



        I didn’t take a single photo in the month of February.  Not sure what happened…

        We got Patience’s military portrait in the mail.

        Patience started Air Force Finance school so we could talk every evening!

        I ran a total of 60.46 miles this month.



        After a month without taking any photos I was able to get out and take some photos of our hometown.

        Even though we can talk every night, time away from Patience is pretty hard.

        I take a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi to visit Patience over a long weekend but had to go without the kids which was a killer!



        It’s Washington so it’s still cold most days but unlike February I take some photos in some of our favorite places with the kids.  This one is at Semiahmoo.

        One month to go and Patience will be home for leave and Recruiters Assistance.

        Just like the wait for Basic Training to finish, the minutes and seconds start to slow down.



        She’s finally home!  After 5 months away Patience gets home from training.

        It’s a mad dash to pack up the house, see the people we want to see and do the things we want to do.

        The two of us drive to Kansas with a small U-Haul and see the house we will be calling our home for the next few years.  I still don’t really know why I like driving so much.

        One more month to go until the 4 of us are in the same place for the foreseeable future.



        I finish my classes, the kids finish school and we set out on our 3 week road trip from Washington down to Arizona and finally to Kansas.

        Lots of tears are shed as we leave our first house and say goodbye to our closest family members.

        We get to visit some amazing family friends, the Boxwell family in Truckee, Ca.  **blog post coming soon.**

        Our time in Arizona visiting family is one of the best visits we’ve had to date.

        All of this time in the sun reminds us that Abbee’s tanning ability far surpasses the rest of us.



        We’re all finally in Kansas.

        Patience gets to fly in a KC-135 while they refuel A-10 Warthogs from Davis Monthan AFB, AZ.

        Panic sets in as I realize that I’m officially unemployed.

        Kansas is really, really hot and humid.

        I somehow manage to stand up a fellow photographer and friend by sleeping in and missing our meeting.  Thank goodness he’s a worship pastor and forgives me.

        We take a trip to Springfield, Missouri to visit our friends Evan and Lindsey.

        My friend Dustin comes to visit and we work on some pretty amazing stuff for C1ick Match.



        The kids start school in the middle of August which gives them almost a month shorter summer break than they’re used to.

        My brother Ben and his soon to be wife Beth come to visit from Austin, Tx.

        I start school at Southwestern University.

        It’s still hot and humid in Kansas.



        We start to miss the mountains and water that we were so used to seeing in WA.

        The Frontiers in Flight Air Show at McConnell AFB is awesome!

        I am back in the Air National Guard!!  Hurray for officially being employed again!

        Patience’s friend Alina from Basic Training and her husband Jonathon stop to visit in Wichita on the way to their first base in Utah.  Check out their blog post here… Jonathon and Alina.



        The weather starts to cool off a bit so we start exploring Wichita more.  Our favorite area is the river walk by the Keeper of the Plains.

        The Best Buy in Wichita has really nice camera gear!

        Patience is hard at work trying to finish up her career coursework.

        Noah is now playing soccer and Abbee is in ballet.

        Patience wins volunteer of the quarter for the 22D Wing Staff Agency!



        I transfer into Public Affairs with the Kansas Air National Guard!

        Did I mention how we like to drive?  We drive from Wichita to Miramar Beach, Fl. for Patience’s close friend’s wedding.

        While we are in Florida we get to visit my former boss from the Washington Air National Guard.

        We stop at the U.S.S. Alabama because it looks cool from the freeway and find out that my Grandpa Thompson served on this ship during WWII.

        Patience wants to see mountains and falls asleep while we are driving through the Ozark Mountains.  Apparently she was really tired from all of the driving I was doing.

        We were able to spend Thanksgiving with family on my mom’s side and it was awesome!



        Patience finishes her final test for her job qualification.

        We realize that it’s really hard being away from home for the holidays.

        My cousin Bret, who I haven’t seen in around 10 years, comes to visit since they live about 3 hours away in De Soto, KS.

        We also get to spend more time with my mom’s cousin Denise and her family.


        Obviously, there’s a lot more to this year than some quick bullet points.  This year has been a ridiculous whirlwind of change and it’s hard to keep track of everything that happened.  The thing that has been so amazing about this year is the amount of support and love everyone has shown us while we have been pursuing something so life changing.  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!