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        Hey everybody!  Thanks for stopping by to see what we have going on.  I wanted to give a quick background on us before we got started.  We have been in business since 2009 after having shot our first wedding for a friend in 2008.  We have been married since 2005 and now have 2 kids, Abbee and Noah.  I got my start in photography as an Air Force photographer in 2002 when I joined the military.

        Bellingham Wedding Photography by Bellingham Wedding Photographer Joe and PatienceWow!  One whole year running our business as our full time job and the sole income to support our family is quickly approaching.  For some people I realize this may not be a big deal but for someone like me it’s huge.  I have only ever known a blue collar lifestyle with parents who worked at 9-5 and not very 9-5 type jobs that may not have been enjoyable but provided just enough to pay the bills.  In fact, two or three years ago I fully expected that this is the exact path my life would take even though our business was growing much more quickly than I could have imagined.  The idea that our life would take this turn didn’t even seem like a possibility simply because it was an idea that was terrifying to me.

        Bellingham Wedding Photography by Bellingham Wedding Photographer Joe and Patience

        So here we are, almost one year into this unexpected life adventure.  We have learned a lot about running a business but even more about ourselves.  We have made mistakes that we felt would be costly but have done much more to build our business than we expected based on the lessons that have been taught.  In some cases we expected to make big changes only to reverse course and go right back to the original way we had been doing things and in other ways we decided to keep doing exactly what we were doing because the results had been so strong in leading us towards giving this whole thing a shot to start with.

        Bellingham Wedding Photography by Bellingham Wedding Photographer Joe and Patience

        Over the next several weeks leading up to the completion of our first year as a full time business we’re going to be sharing what we feel has been successful in building our business, the failures we have experienced and what we have done to learn from those failures.  Topics from our personal and professional fears to product delivery, marketing and the family struggles we have encountered will be covered in detail.  We’re hoping that no stone will be left unturned and that some of the hard lessons we have learned will help you in your pursuit of building your own business.

        Check in every Monday and feel free to email us any questions you might have about the topics we’re covering or topics you would like for us to cover.  We truly hope that the things we’ve had to learn the hard way can be a great benefit to your business.

        First up is going to be a post on personal fear and how we constantly work to overcome it.  See you next Monday.

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